My Character Collage

These are all characters i've done in the past couple years.


toyIcon Poster

This is a poster for our semester's end crit or progress report per se. Again, for more info, check out the project blog: toyicon.blogspot.com.

My semester ends after tuesday [tomorrow]! Cheers to that!


toyIcon Update

The hollywood toyIcon project is finally taking shape! Check it out: toyicon.blogspot.com.


Tricia's Hair Salon

I almost went an entire month without an update!
For class, Tricia's Hair Salon logo and business card. I only had a few weeks to work on it, I wish i had more time. There was also a letterhead and envelope, but I won't be uploading those anytime soon. It's due tomorrow @ 1pm. It's almost time for winter break!


Giant Flying Rhino Graphic

up, up and away!


Collage Dance Theatre

Another old one. A poster i did for my theater graphics class last semester. My teacher thought it was awesome so i liked it very much! i gotta make more stuff like this.

edit:A little bit about the poster:
I wanted a tall layout to make it stand out more. Obviously, I went with the collage style because of the name of the theater. This particular performance is really urban driven where the dancers perform in different locations in town, so it's a really unique experience. My favorite part of the poster is the typography on the top. I've never been so proud of my type. I wouldn't change a thing on it. All the words fit like a puzzle.


Toy Icon Project

Check out this blog: toyicon.blogspot.com

As you can with my blog, you can make comments without having any account. Give the project some much needed feedback, it'll be very much appreciated. In a nutshell, it's about displaying Hollywood's urbanism through art and designer toys.

above: tourist crowd on the walk-of-fame


Rapper v.2: Linus aka Apollo

He's a rapper who lives a short bus-ride away from Hollywood and Highland. He performs on the street during the day and buses tables at night. He's a self-proclaimed thug and a profilic lyricist.

He was a rejected character for my toy icon project. I don't know why i did a finished version. It's just been a while since i've done one is all. The second picture is my current wallpaper. God speed.


Rapper v.1

This is a work-in-progress of my rapper character. Right now, I'm working on the color and shading aspects with photoshop. I don't know if i should go wth the bolder color or not. I'll get into his general specifics when i finish him. [click picture for close-up]



I put a man on the moon and he's ginormous! This is something i made a while ago in my free time.



This was originally setup as an accordian fold piece on foamboard for my 3rd year gd class. It was a nightmare to tape and spray mount together, but i got the reaction that i wanted. And now, i've used imageready to increase it's longevity. i pity the fool!


Giant Flying Rhino logo v.1

This is for my Business Procedures class, we had to create our own design company along with all its collateral pieces. I'm still playing around with type placement and the hierarchy of all the elements. I'm fairly pleased with the silouette as opposed to a cartoony face that was either too cute or too mean. This mark is much stronger and straight to the point.