Rhino in a Tree

A little something I drew in my sketchbook out of boredom. It's another variation of my giant flying rhino. Textures and contrasts are fun!


Right Here is Where It's At!

Today was a long day. I worked on my portfolio from right before afternoon til the late evening. And I still have a little bit to do in the morning. That's what I get for weeks of slacking and procrastination. My bed looks good right about now. Here's a picture of my desk at the studio taken with my camera phone. It's really quite a mess with all my work and projects. But you know what? If that ain't love, than I don't know what love is.


Drawings for Friends

[for angela]

[for john]

[for sarah]

[for janett]

any requests?


Babes in America

This is a poster for a play. It's a comedy about people in the not-so-distant future trying to cope with the electronic life that relies so much on material possessions. The simple llfe sounds really sweet right now. ps. i haven't been able to concentrate since coming back from the philippines a few weeks ago. At least i'm not sick anymore. God bless!

Type 1 Project

I consider this to be my first real graphic design project. Done in my sophomore year right after I changed majors from animation to graphic design. I had major doubts about it at the time, especially since it was hand-done and a little rough around the edges, but this is one of those that sorta grew on me. I'm very glad that I, and my teacher, liked the outcome; otherwise, I don't know what career path I would have ended up in. Graphic design was very new and very foreign to me so I was shocked that people liked it.


Mammoth Root Beer

Here is my Mammoth Root Beer that everyone seemed to love from a few semesters ago. At first, I didn't like the colors but they grew on me. I'm liking the black with ice now. Good Taste Never Goes Extinct.