My Farmville Mario

Farmville is the Facebook farming sensation! Here is Super Mario that I made out of hay bales! I'm currently a level 19 farmer and I'm gonna hit 20 very soon. And yes: me = dork. hehe.


Fave Go Pencil Go Doodles

If you haven't checked out my other blog, you should take a second and look: http://gopencilgo.blogspot.com. It's been one of my bigger projects as a whole lately so it only feels right that I write about it here. Here's my personal top 3:

3. #8. Much Ado Bear: Pretty much a update of the original. Update probably isn't the right word. Let's just say it was a different approach to it. Simple sells. (posted May 28, 2009)

2. #27. Ms. Jenie. The first of a long string of portraits done. Anybody is welcome to request a doodle in the shoutmix box located at the left. I prefer more variety than a portrait of you but I don't mind them to much. The string will continue. (posted June 14, 2009)

#46. Tortoise Rider Colored. My hands down favorite. It was the most fun to draw and imagine. Post-Its saved the day so I didn't photoshop them out just yet. My logo has come to life. (posted July 3, 2009)

Feels good to be able to update this blog as I've been concentrating on Go Pencil Go. It feels doubly good to look back at what I've done so far and realize that I must step-up my game a little bit. I'm going to keep this up because I just got a healthy dose of inspiration and motivation just now.

I'm currently at #77. Which is a sort of a pointy looking rabbit. Check out the Big Bear in the Forest series! Make requests! Leave comments! Go time! Go, pencil, go.

ps. in all honesty, all this post is is just more promotion for my daily doodle blog. I appreciate you reading this really I do! :-)


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