M is for...

Brought to you by the letter M!


Angry Alligator

This gator is from my children's book that I'm currently reworking. Just a quick sketch and color study. Refreshing myself on coloring with Photoshop. I've come to realize that coloring with a mouse is a pain in the wrist! I'll seek a Wacom or a Cintiq when I really get going with this certain thing that I really need to get going on.


Yes, We Can.

"We've been warned against offering people of this nation false hope,
but in the unlikely story that is America,
there has never been anything false about hope."


They're playin' bas-ket-ball!


Just after opening day,
I want to make some predictions for this season. So here goes:

Most Valuable Player: Lebron James of the Cavs
Rookie of the Year: Derrick Rose of the Bulls
Defensive Player of the Year: Marcus Camby of the Clippers
Sixth Man of the Year: Lamar Odom of the Lakers (if he comes off the bench all season; otherwise, I'll go with Barbosa)
Most Improved Player: Thaddeus Young of the Sixers
Head Coach of the Year: Maurice Cheeks of the Sixers
(yeah, sixers have a dope team, they'll get like 5th in the east)

Western Champs: Los Angeles Lakers
Eastern Champs: Cleveland Cavs

NBA Champs: Los Angeles Lakers
Finals MVP: Kobe Bryant

So yeah, I'll come back to this very post when LAL is lifting their trophy and see if I got everything else right.

K FN G !

[excuse this non-art blog post. peeaces. =).]


Sooner or Later

Sooner or Later is my favorite song off of n*e*r*d's last album, Seeing Sounds; despite the fact that it's kind of a major downer. The photo was taken at the Wiltern about a month ago. They opened for Common. [non gif version]


Jack's Mannequin - Caves

An intermission between my usual posts (although i do have a photo right there) partially due to the lack of new artwork. From last night, Jack's Mannequin performing Caves at the Viper Room in Hollywood. Enjoy!



Here's an Oktoberfest flyer/mag ad I designed for WU. The actual final was blue, but I really prefer green. oye. oye. oye!


Evil Ben

ben's such a bad ass. lol.


Song for Puppy

I had some time earlier, so I drew this with Facebook's graffiti application once again. It's for this music contest but I don't expect much from it lol. Just had to try it one time. Click here (replay). live mighty.


See the Sun

Another facebook graffiti application drawing. Just tried to recreate bullet's see the sun photograph as fast as i could. I had to stretch it out a bit.


Happy Graduation!

ucsb graduation. 14th of june. 2008. jl&is. click. click. click.


Be True v.2

Not as spectacular as the first; but an ode to it per se. Pretty much just a notebook drawing. Check out these older posts for some background: version one. the origin. posterized. I can't believe it's july already.



Shirt design I put together for a friend and her group / organization / crew.

K.I.S.S means "Keep It Simple, Stupid!"


Kismet Cinema

A logo I designed a while ago. The wedding rings connecting as the film of the camera. For all your wedding photography and videography needs, visit www.kismetcinema.com. View their blog here. A toast to you and yours.


Rising Guitarist

For the past few months, I've been trying to add photography to my arsenal. This photo was taken in the back area of New Orleans Square at Disneyland. I need to go shooting more often. If you haven't done so, check out my flickr.


Be True

So I designed this deck for this small show in chinatown. I never designed a deck before so I thought it'd be cool to photograph my progress with my canon eos digital rebel xti. This little project took me about 2 nights to do; partially due to a little thing called procrastination. I actually spent more time trying to think of what to draw than actually drawing it. And one more thing in a nutshell, land of the plenty (where i got the board) helps kids get boards so they can skate and whatnot. Without further ado..

the board arrives.

4 days later, i open the fedex box.

my new canvas.

tape it up for clean edges.

the initial layout of the design.

i nomadically moved through the house.

preparing to lay down the white.

tape up the holes first.

wet paint.

dry faster please.

more sketches as i wait for the paint to dry.

puggle intermission.

bust out the sharpie paint markers.

the main attraction.

one third done.

halfway up there.

almost finished.

thank you, paint markers.

the flipside.

remove the blue tape.

passenger seat.

the truest.

parting ways: the drive home.

i'll never see it again. peeaces.


De-Fund the War

And another one. I will try not to overuse my fisheye lens, but no promises.


End the War

From a sorta photo adventure through LA this weekend. I don't have a whole lot of time to edit photos at the moment so this'll do for now. I have a lot to go through. Also, I have a flickr now: http://www.flickr.com/photos/viince/. But yeah, anyways, I'm just updating while i wait for some paint to dry. peeaces.


New York Likes You As A Friend

I was bored one day so I googled one of my shirts that i designed and found this photo on someone's flickr (thx boojee). It's my New York shirt hanging in the window of some store in New York. They really coulda ironed it a little better.Thanks, stranger from New York. [ps. sorry for taking your photo]

UPDATE: (for anyone who cares) the shirt can be bought here. Plus, google the NBC peacock version.


Paris, Tokyo

Probably my second favorite track from Lupe Fiasco's new album, The Cool. First being Fighters. I'm trying hard to play it out but I just can't get enough of it. Brazil, forreal.


Rawr!!! Doodle

I'm basically updating for the sake of updating.


The Queen Mary

I went to Long Beach this weekend. It was a nice day.