They're playin' bas-ket-ball!


Just after opening day,
I want to make some predictions for this season. So here goes:

Most Valuable Player: Lebron James of the Cavs
Rookie of the Year: Derrick Rose of the Bulls
Defensive Player of the Year: Marcus Camby of the Clippers
Sixth Man of the Year: Lamar Odom of the Lakers (if he comes off the bench all season; otherwise, I'll go with Barbosa)
Most Improved Player: Thaddeus Young of the Sixers
Head Coach of the Year: Maurice Cheeks of the Sixers
(yeah, sixers have a dope team, they'll get like 5th in the east)

Western Champs: Los Angeles Lakers
Eastern Champs: Cleveland Cavs

NBA Champs: Los Angeles Lakers
Finals MVP: Kobe Bryant

So yeah, I'll come back to this very post when LAL is lifting their trophy and see if I got everything else right.

K FN G !

[excuse this non-art blog post. peeaces. =).]


bullsalv said...

very nice analysis...lol.


viince said...

haha.. it's gonna happen. i'm tellin' ya..