Cut & Paste Competition 2009 Aftermath

So Cut & Paste seemed like it just flew by. It was hectic and fun. No, I didn't win but I did make it to the final round. Despite a stressful morning and early afternoon, it was an amazing time. And I just noticed they updated their website with photos so now I can update my artblog. So here's 30 minutes worth of art from a saturday evening in Los Angeles. Yes, indeed.

Round 1: Human Nature - tattoo
Positive thoughts and ideas grow beautiful things. Negativity grows thorns.

Round 2: Time Travel - lunchbox
It's like a suitcase hence 'travel'. The stickers are time related and food related and there's your 'time' and 'lunchbox'. =)

Thanks for all the love and support the past couple weeks! =P Cheers.

PS. I seriously need to go snowboarding soon!