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Cut and Paste Los Angeles 2010 / Homer + gummi bear in a chocolate car

Homer and his giant gummi bear homie driving around in a chocolate Hershey car.

This was my test round entry for Cut & Paste 2010: Los Angeles: digital design tournament. (http://cutandpaste.com) 15 minutes to design from scratch. Made it to the finals in '09 but I didn't make it this time around. I'm still pretty happy about my piece though. And it was fun going out there for the test round. Just like last year, the test round topic was bliss! On to the next. :-)

Kid Cudi Music Break:
music inspires art.


Kevin Hart is not cocky.

Kevin Hart was in Big Boy's Neighborhood a week or two ago. Funny interview throughout but this had to be his funniest line: "I'm not cocky... but my swagger is." Laughed out loud for real. More than a week later, I (personally) still find it funny. So much so, that I had to slap this together really quick. It's not about the design though, it's about the swagger. lol Peace -vince.


Logo Progress :-)


My Book!

Hey! Check out my book! You can get it at the link posted below. I've been so busy lately that I've completely overlooked and forgotten it for so long! So, just wanted to post about it now finally. Thanks.

edit: amazon's back ordered; click here instead: http://tinyurl.com/23o33hm


Piggy back


Daily Grinding




Rhino Wobble

Just practicing with my pen tablet that I got a couple months ago.

Ps. Check out my website. vincentakuin.com Also done a couple months ago. Thanks.


Guerilla Memoirs

Michael Manalo and I collaborated on this project almost two years ago. The Iraqimemorial.org project was featured at the Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery at the University of Nevada, Reno, last month.. from February 15-March 12, 2010.

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More info:


West Valley 580

This design was intended for a charcoal colored shirt. Large print on the back and a smaller print on the front over the heart. I love blogging about the process when I can. :D

This shirt is for the West Valley CHP. They have an annual ride or race from Baker to Las Vegas. This isn't usually my style but it was fun to work on. Plus it gave me more practice with my tablet that I got a few months ago. Intuos 4!


Blues and Greens


Frog and Turtle

[for abby]


Japan + Philippines

Please do check out my photography from Tokyo from a few weeks ago. @flickr! The trip was amazing! I'm still in the process of uploading photos so stay tuned!

Also check out my Philippines Album. Christmas, New Years and everything in-between. The Fam helps it top Tokyo by a mile. ;-)