West Valley 580

This design was intended for a charcoal colored shirt. Large print on the back and a smaller print on the front over the heart. I love blogging about the process when I can. :D

This shirt is for the West Valley CHP. They have an annual ride or race from Baker to Las Vegas. This isn't usually my style but it was fun to work on. Plus it gave me more practice with my tablet that I got a few months ago. Intuos 4!

*EDIT: I added steps 10, 11, 12 due to last minute changes. 4/5/10*

1. Initial sketch.
2. Some edits.
3. Re-sketching out the layout.
4. Getting the style down.
5. Roughing in the rest of the layout in Illustrator.
6. Line work.
7. Clean up line work.
8. Color, shading and details.
9. Finishing touches and fin.
10. Last minute change of direction? Yes, it happens and you have to roll with it. Redrawing over the old.
11. Outlining the snake.
12. Viola! Dunzo.
13. And lastly, knock-out a super quick knock-off of the VW logo for the front. ;)
Again, it's supposed to be on a charcoal shirt, I'm just posting on white because it looks cleaner and clearer online. Thanks for checking in! Peace.

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