Part Deuces

More artwork via Facebook's Graffiti application. (see last post) Both of these are just alterations of some previous drawings I've done so they were pretty fast and easy to do. And that's why I'm calling 'em part deuces:
[dirty digs spaceship]

[j to the k... cover the bottom half, basically the chin down, and it sorta looks like jk]

It'll be a long while before i come close to topping the bear. (see last post again)


Hello Teddy

Finally something new! Drew this via Facebook's Graffiti application for a friend [Anna]. Dope thing about Graffiti is that you can watch how people draw their pieces from start to finish. Pretty cool. Cheers and good day to you!


New York Likes You As A Friend

This is basically my response to the I Heart N.Y. shirts which I love so much. And it's one of my first printed shirts. I have other shirts printed but this one is my favorite for the meantime. It only comes in women's sizes so if you want to buy one click here. And if you do buy one (and don't mind) take a picture of yourself and send it to me to remind me how awesome you are. So yeah, buy one for yourself, your girlfriend, your sister or whomever. (or is it whoever? Yeah, I watched the Office last night) It also comes in an LA and Tokyo. Thanks. Again, click here.

And on a side note, a couple days ago, I bought a new sketchbook . I'm planning on drawing one thing, one page everyday until I finish or whenever..


Dirty Digs

It's a 2 for 1 special at my artblog today. First, Win or Booze and now Dirty Digs.

This is album art for a mixtape. The genre is hip hop/rap. There's two versions because there's two artists, my friend's bf and his brother. ahem val cough. and congrats by the way! Apparently, this is the second project that my Please Pig poster has led to. And frankly, I need to do more work like this. serio.

Win or Booze

I made this for my brother's flag football team. Supposed to be for the jersey or shirt obviously. Not sure if they'll end up using this but I'm proud of my keg/ball nonetheless. Here's to you!


Self Ambigram

This is my last name. Turn it upside down and it becomes my first name.


Zoo Animals

Actually, I don't know if you'd really find a cow and a bunny rabbit at a zoo.


Kick Push Coast

Poster / shirt concept based on a play off of Lupe Fiasco's single.


Color Study

Whenever I have to do any colored drawings (and basically anything else really), I usually go through this process to find the right colors to use and to see what colors the markers actually are; because more often times than not, the color of the label does not exactly match the color of the ink. So here's two examples with Sleepless Penguin which I drew for a friend and my Please Pig Poster. They also brighten up my sketchbook quite a bit. I added the titles when I finished the project, just as a reminder to myself what it was for. Next up for me is about four or five tattoo designs for four or five of my friends!
brief intermission. snacks in the lobby.
chippity choppity chip


Animation Reel Circa 2003/04

I've always wanted to upload this online and I finally got a chance to. This is my animation reel from my freshmen year circa 2003/04. The order goes like this: bouncing ball test, sack test, walk cycle, head rotation and my final project entitled Lollipop Bandit. This stuff is very old but what'chu gonna do?! Enjoy!


Penguin Chick

Sketch of a penguin chick for a bigger drawing I'm working on.


Wall Tree Concept

Concept art for a wall I'm drawing/painting for a friend. This was my first idea. I have a lot more in my sketchbook. And hopefully many more ideas to come.



Sketchbook drawing. I'd say more but there's not much to it.


My Personal Mark

It is my initials! And as a secondary read, it is a tortoise. Because the tortoise beats the hare and tortoises are just plain cool! Like (flying) rhinos. It's probably my favorite logo I've done, and rightfully so because it is my logo! No one likes a cocky hare.


I See It I Hear It I Love It

I just really felt like I had to post something new. We're one third into May and my last post was back in April. And plus, I have nothing better to do right now.

This piece is a book cover concept. The book was a class book about the sights and sounds of Los Angeles. I took the photograph at the arrival area in LAX. I really do love the silouette. I used cyan, magenta, yellow and black because, for those who don't know, those are the primary inks you use in print. CMYK! Sadly though, this version did not actually go to print. My teacher chose my second design to go to print.

I don't hate it at all, but it isn't as strong as my first design. Looking back, my teacher dropped the ball big time. I shoulda pushed for it more. I will from now on.


Rhino in a Tree

A little something I drew in my sketchbook out of boredom. It's another variation of my giant flying rhino. Textures and contrasts are fun!


Right Here is Where It's At!

Today was a long day. I worked on my portfolio from right before afternoon til the late evening. And I still have a little bit to do in the morning. That's what I get for weeks of slacking and procrastination. My bed looks good right about now. Here's a picture of my desk at the studio taken with my camera phone. It's really quite a mess with all my work and projects. But you know what? If that ain't love, than I don't know what love is.


Drawings for Friends

[for angela]

[for john]

[for sarah]

[for janett]

any requests?


Babes in America

This is a poster for a play. It's a comedy about people in the not-so-distant future trying to cope with the electronic life that relies so much on material possessions. The simple llfe sounds really sweet right now. ps. i haven't been able to concentrate since coming back from the philippines a few weeks ago. At least i'm not sick anymore. God bless!

Type 1 Project

I consider this to be my first real graphic design project. Done in my sophomore year right after I changed majors from animation to graphic design. I had major doubts about it at the time, especially since it was hand-done and a little rough around the edges, but this is one of those that sorta grew on me. I'm very glad that I, and my teacher, liked the outcome; otherwise, I don't know what career path I would have ended up in. Graphic design was very new and very foreign to me so I was shocked that people liked it.


Mammoth Root Beer

Here is my Mammoth Root Beer that everyone seemed to love from a few semesters ago. At first, I didn't like the colors but they grew on me. I'm liking the black with ice now. Good Taste Never Goes Extinct.



My next project for Print Production is a posterized self portrait. This is the picture I'm gonna used and I added the birds in the window. The picture was taken on the way back to California from the Philippines last week. I miss last week. All I gotta do now is posterize it.

And this is excerpt from my resume. A sort of a teaser for my portfolio. I really like the crop.

dont pin up vanilla on the wall when your teacher is expecting 31 flavors.


Ah! Nold!

Another old idea from a couple years ago revamped. I did this for silkscreen printing class. That's Arnold schwarzenegger for those few who can't tell or don't understand it. I like it very much. don't be economic girlie men!


Character Chaos

I decided to put a little more thought into my character collage. I reworked the placement and the color. Turtle turtle has multipled so it seems. The real printout is a whopping twenty four by thirty six. Thank God for adobe illustrator.


Tree Ape

This is the final for my tree ape in all it's silkscreen glory. I tweaked the colors in photoshop a bit, otherwise, I'm pretty happy with it. Of course, it looks better in person cause it is silkscreen. I have nothing much else to say. Project number two is a skeleton. ohh to the ahh!


Ode to my Mascot

A sketchbook drawing of a juxtaposed giant flying rhino and a normal sized plane. It feels good to draw something not for class or some kinda work for a change. If my major was still animation, my senior film would be about a giant flying rhino. That would have been sweet!


Cel Art: Animators Like It Rough

Tee shirt design for Cel Art. Cheers!


Aim Higher Than Ever

This is my shirt design for my school's tee shirt contest. I wasn't planning on designing an entry but one of my professor made it a manditory assignment. I trashed many ideas so this idea was pretty last minute. Literally. I kinda like it overall but I don't expect much from this. And, yeah, I know my kerning needs some work in a few places.

This is the front. It has the big five design majors with the phrase "Aim higher than ever" within it. Another trashed idea from another class was added. I'm talk about the guy thinking on top with the obvious meaning of thinking outside the box. The box is tiny at the bottom. On the back, it just has the school name and the phrase, "Thinking so far outside, the box is a dot from here."

Chip Chop Chip


My Funny Word List


[ to be continued ]


Tree Ape Stencil v.2

I took my tree ape a bit further by adding a lot more detail. Instead of being round, he has hair sticking every which way. The tree is drastically different and more fitting with the ape. I consider it to be one of the best trees i've ever designed. The colors are pretty much final. Hopefully I can mix the inks correctly. The arm position changed so it isn't as confusing. A banana belly has been added as well. And I also added birds in the sky... It's like the tree ape took their spot and they have nowhere to go. It's hard to tell but those birds are pissed. ooh to the ahh!

is that a monkey in that tree?
yes. and it's ginormous!


Tree Ape Stencil

I'm taking a silkscreen printing class this semester. This is the stencil for my first project. There are actually three parts to it. First I will apply a photo emulsion of cotton swabs in the background in a very light faded yellow or off-white. Secondly, I will block out the screen with ripped paper to make the leaves and grass. The ripped paper will give it the right texture. The color for that wil be a muddy or olive green. The last step is the actual stencil that i have to cut out. The stencil will be of the monkey and the tree bark which will end up being a dark to medium brown.

I'm planning some changes in this design. The tree bark just doesn't work. One person thought it was a cactus at first. I gotta make it look more in the style of the ape. And the arm is looking a little funking at the moment. I may add a hat or a banana or something, cuz something is missing. The design is not final, so I'll keep posting until this project is done. It should take a week or two or more maybe.

below: the original sketch on a post-it. I love my post-its. I also love the way they break the sea of white in my sketchbook. It's really rough but i got the overall style down pretty early. It was just a matter of blowing it up and tracing over it.

My other idea was a really graphic overhead view of a mouse in a maze with cheese at the end. I'm glad i stratched that idea.


Nook Breakfast Ware

A project from last year for my package design class. This is the Table for Two set. Light blue and bright yellowish orange symbolize a sunny morning. I wanted the high contrast between the dull cardboard box and the shiny white plate. There's also a window in the other side that has a mug popping out. I'm pretty happy with it. Other possibilities for future installments were table for 4, 8, 12 etc...


Moonman v.2

Is it really 2007 already?! Happy New Year!