Character Chaos

I decided to put a little more thought into my character collage. I reworked the placement and the color. Turtle turtle has multipled so it seems. The real printout is a whopping twenty four by thirty six. Thank God for adobe illustrator.


Tree Ape

This is the final for my tree ape in all it's silkscreen glory. I tweaked the colors in photoshop a bit, otherwise, I'm pretty happy with it. Of course, it looks better in person cause it is silkscreen. I have nothing much else to say. Project number two is a skeleton. ohh to the ahh!


Ode to my Mascot

A sketchbook drawing of a juxtaposed giant flying rhino and a normal sized plane. It feels good to draw something not for class or some kinda work for a change. If my major was still animation, my senior film would be about a giant flying rhino. That would have been sweet!


Cel Art: Animators Like It Rough

Tee shirt design for Cel Art. Cheers!


Aim Higher Than Ever

This is my shirt design for my school's tee shirt contest. I wasn't planning on designing an entry but one of my professor made it a manditory assignment. I trashed many ideas so this idea was pretty last minute. Literally. I kinda like it overall but I don't expect much from this. And, yeah, I know my kerning needs some work in a few places.

This is the front. It has the big five design majors with the phrase "Aim higher than ever" within it. Another trashed idea from another class was added. I'm talk about the guy thinking on top with the obvious meaning of thinking outside the box. The box is tiny at the bottom. On the back, it just has the school name and the phrase, "Thinking so far outside, the box is a dot from here."

Chip Chop Chip