Be True

So I designed this deck for this small show in chinatown. I never designed a deck before so I thought it'd be cool to photograph my progress with my canon eos digital rebel xti. This little project took me about 2 nights to do; partially due to a little thing called procrastination. I actually spent more time trying to think of what to draw than actually drawing it. And one more thing in a nutshell, land of the plenty (where i got the board) helps kids get boards so they can skate and whatnot. Without further ado..

the board arrives.

4 days later, i open the fedex box.

my new canvas.

tape it up for clean edges.

the initial layout of the design.

i nomadically moved through the house.

preparing to lay down the white.

tape up the holes first.

wet paint.

dry faster please.

more sketches as i wait for the paint to dry.

puggle intermission.

bust out the sharpie paint markers.

the main attraction.

one third done.

halfway up there.

almost finished.

thank you, paint markers.

the flipside.

remove the blue tape.

passenger seat.

the truest.

parting ways: the drive home.

i'll never see it again. peeaces.


Angela Allen said...

wow vince!! that's AMAZING! your work and talent never ceases to amaze me. great job! :D

viince said...

thanks, angela!! :)


Wow, your board work was really amazing! I read some of your other posts too - I love this blog!


SBTVD said...

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Jean said...

you have skills =)

Will Pill said...


viince said...