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Tree Ape Stencil v.2

I took my tree ape a bit further by adding a lot more detail. Instead of being round, he has hair sticking every which way. The tree is drastically different and more fitting with the ape. I consider it to be one of the best trees i've ever designed. The colors are pretty much final. Hopefully I can mix the inks correctly. The arm position changed so it isn't as confusing. A banana belly has been added as well. And I also added birds in the sky... It's like the tree ape took their spot and they have nowhere to go. It's hard to tell but those birds are pissed. ooh to the ahh!

is that a monkey in that tree?
yes. and it's ginormous!


Tree Ape Stencil

I'm taking a silkscreen printing class this semester. This is the stencil for my first project. There are actually three parts to it. First I will apply a photo emulsion of cotton swabs in the background in a very light faded yellow or off-white. Secondly, I will block out the screen with ripped paper to make the leaves and grass. The ripped paper will give it the right texture. The color for that wil be a muddy or olive green. The last step is the actual stencil that i have to cut out. The stencil will be of the monkey and the tree bark which will end up being a dark to medium brown.

I'm planning some changes in this design. The tree bark just doesn't work. One person thought it was a cactus at first. I gotta make it look more in the style of the ape. And the arm is looking a little funking at the moment. I may add a hat or a banana or something, cuz something is missing. The design is not final, so I'll keep posting until this project is done. It should take a week or two or more maybe.

below: the original sketch on a post-it. I love my post-its. I also love the way they break the sea of white in my sketchbook. It's really rough but i got the overall style down pretty early. It was just a matter of blowing it up and tracing over it.

My other idea was a really graphic overhead view of a mouse in a maze with cheese at the end. I'm glad i stratched that idea.


Nook Breakfast Ware

A project from last year for my package design class. This is the Table for Two set. Light blue and bright yellowish orange symbolize a sunny morning. I wanted the high contrast between the dull cardboard box and the shiny white plate. There's also a window in the other side that has a mug popping out. I'm pretty happy with it. Other possibilities for future installments were table for 4, 8, 12 etc...


Moonman v.2

Is it really 2007 already?! Happy New Year!