Color Study

Whenever I have to do any colored drawings (and basically anything else really), I usually go through this process to find the right colors to use and to see what colors the markers actually are; because more often times than not, the color of the label does not exactly match the color of the ink. So here's two examples with Sleepless Penguin which I drew for a friend and my Please Pig Poster. They also brighten up my sketchbook quite a bit. I added the titles when I finished the project, just as a reminder to myself what it was for. Next up for me is about four or five tattoo designs for four or five of my friends!
brief intermission. snacks in the lobby.
chippity choppity chip


Animation Reel Circa 2003/04

I've always wanted to upload this online and I finally got a chance to. This is my animation reel from my freshmen year circa 2003/04. The order goes like this: bouncing ball test, sack test, walk cycle, head rotation and my final project entitled Lollipop Bandit. This stuff is very old but what'chu gonna do?! Enjoy!


Penguin Chick

Sketch of a penguin chick for a bigger drawing I'm working on.


Wall Tree Concept

Concept art for a wall I'm drawing/painting for a friend. This was my first idea. I have a lot more in my sketchbook. And hopefully many more ideas to come.