Type 1 Project

I consider this to be my first real graphic design project. Done in my sophomore year right after I changed majors from animation to graphic design. I had major doubts about it at the time, especially since it was hand-done and a little rough around the edges, but this is one of those that sorta grew on me. I'm very glad that I, and my teacher, liked the outcome; otherwise, I don't know what career path I would have ended up in. Graphic design was very new and very foreign to me so I was shocked that people liked it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Vince, I don't know how this post works, but I really like this one too. It look cool like it could be in a toddlers room learning his abc's or in a preschool. :) I'm happy you happy with your decision to switch majors. You're so good at everything. I'll see you around this summer :)